What to Expect


Before you begin your treatment, we will have a brief chat over a cup of tea perhaps, and we discuss what you would like to achieve over your course of treatment.


I'm a firm believer in the patient's expertise and knowledge of their own condition or issue. Once we have worked out the problems, we can work out how to solve them and I will personalise the therapy program for you.

From there, you will be introduced to the Vibroacoustic bed and 'tune in' to one or more of the vibroacoustic programmes.


All you have to do on the bed is take off your shoes and lie down on the Vibroacoustic bed, which is made of memory foam and we provide blankets, so it is a very comfortable experience.


During the session, people report feelings of deep relaxation and wellbeing, and sometimes some profound insights, as the bed is a perfect space to think and reflect.
Afterwards, people continue to feel relaxed, calm and centred and these feelings can be very lasting.




A session at VIBES